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A synopsis of the manga and its significance BLACK CLOVER STRAP:
Asta and Yuno were left alone in a church when they were both quite young. Inseparable throughout their lives, the pair yet managed to maintain a healthy rivalry. Their goal was clear when they swore a promise to one other that one of them would become the magic king. In contrast to Asta, who was unable to use magic but trained his body to make up for his deficiency, Yuno turned out to be a genius in the magical arts.
Immediately after obtaining a mysterious grimoire with a four-leaf clover instead of the more normal three-leaf clover, Yuno is placed in a dangerous circumstance that forces her true power to emerge. He finally manages to get his hands on the anti-magic grimoire “Black Clover.” A friend of one and an enemy of the other, they start out on their journey with the same goal in mind.

The Black Clover manga was created by Yki Tabata and is serialized in Japanese magazines. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s young adult manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump from February 2015. Its episodes have been collected into 33 tankbon volumes as of November 2022. Asta, the heroine, is a young girl who has never had any magical talents. For his community, where it seems that everyone has some kind of magical skill, this is a mystery. Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls Mages are training hard so that he may become the next Wizard King.

Xebec Zwei adapted the manga into an original video animation in 2017, which was released to the public. Pierrot animated this tale into a series that aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from October 2017 to March 2021. It is planned to release the animated film Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King in Japanese theaters and on Netflix in March 2023.

Currently, Crunchyroll has the rights to stream the anime adaptation while Viz Media publishes the manga in English in North America.

Asta, a young orphan kid, is the show’s protagonist. He and another orphan, Yuno, were left in an orphanage after their parents abandoned them. Asta, who is unable to use magic, instead trains her body to become as strong as possible, despite the fact that everyone has the innate ability to do so. In contrast, Yuno had exceptional intelligence from birth and possessed both great magical power and the ability to master wind magic.

Because they each wanted to govern Clover Kingdom someday like the present Wizard King, the two young men became friendly rivals. When it comes to the monarchy, the Wizard King has the second-highest position. Yuno obtains a legendary grimoire with four leaves that formerly belonged to the kingdom’s first Wizard King. Only the most powerful magicians are given the four-leaf grimoire, which is incredibly rare. Asta didn’t have any innate magical talent, yet he managed to obtain a mysterious five-leaf grimoire. An elven pair of swords and a ghostly Devil using rare anti-magic are claimed to be included in this grimoire. After that, he and Yuno each take the first step toward their objectives by joining a Magic Knight team.

The Golden Dawn welcomes Yuno into their ranks, while the Black Bulls welcome Asta and Noelle Silva. the Black Bulls are led by Yami Sukehiro. When the Clover Kingdom was founded, the Elves were wronged, and the Eye of the Midnight Sun, a militant group whose leadership is being influenced by a Devil, sets out to avenge itself on the Elves. The Magic Knights then face off against the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad, an encounter during which Asta and Yuno learn how their particular Devils have affected their lives and how the Dark Triad plans to fully materialize the Devils into their world.

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